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Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park Facts

In 1930 former Governor of Maine Percival Baxter purchased 6,000 acres of land, including Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak. In 1931 he donated the land to the State of Maine with the condition that it be kept forever wild. Governor Baxter and other individuals have since contributed to the State Park and today it encompasses 209,501 acres of land.

The Baxter State Park Authority was established to operate and maintain Baxter State Park for the use and enjoyment of the people of Maine in accordance with the wishes of its donor, former Governor Percival P. Baxter, that this Park "…shall forever be retained and used for state forest, public park and public recreational purposes…shall forever be kept and remain in the natural wild state…shall forever be kept and remain a sanctuary for beasts and birds."

Outdoors in the Park includes a listing of upcoming events and programs at Baxter State Park.